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I loved Fox’s thrilling show, 24.  Jack Bauer was the man.  It always blew me away what he could accomplish in one day.  However, his story is fiction.

The following timeline of the Riles family over 24 hours is completely accurate.

The below events took place between 6:30PM Nov. 30th and 6:29PM Dec. 1st 2011.

6:30PM  I arrived home from work.  We had just taped the first show of Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveways.  The audience was awesome.  They took home incredible gifts, including iPads.

6:32PM  A public notary arrived at the house we were renting, and in escrow to buy.

6:40PM  Lucy and I sat down and started signing the loan documents.  Today was the day we were purchasing our house.

6:45PM  Lucy, who was 9 months pregnant, continued to feel contractions throughout our signing.   (We could not delay the signing for a few days, or we would lose our interest rate.  Wednesday was the day).

6:52PM  Babs ran up, turned off the notary’s printer, and ran away laughing.

7:10PM  We ate a fabulous dinner, sponsored by my parents and Sprout’s supermarket, while continuing to make the biggest purchase of our life.

7:25PM  We were fingerprinted by the notary, and we sent him and his allegedly broken printer on the way.

7:30PM  Lucy and I put Babs to sleep.  She said “night night octogan,” to an octagon in her room.  We realized that with the strong contractions continuing, we should head to the hospital.

7:45PM  All packed up, and with my parents staying with Babs, Lucy and I departed to go have a baby.

7:47PM  We drove through the wind storm of the century in Los Angeles.  Trees had fallen on the streets, wind was blowing the car everywhere.

8:17PM  We checked in at Cedars-Sinai hospital  in Beverly Hills.  (Yep, this was the second baby we were having in 90210-land.  No, we did not go to the Peach Pit).

9:00PM – 7AM  Lucy continued through a long and challenging labor, which made me realize that she is a superhero.   I will not give specifics on these hours, unless you have doctor’s permission.

7:01AM  We were transferred to a sweet room with a view of the Hollywood Hills.

7:02AM  Lucy received an epidural.

7:03AM  I received a cup of coffee.

7:05AM – 10:04AM  Labor continued to progress, and at times there were smiles.  This was not the case overnight.  Thank you, epidural.  Thank you, coffee.

10:14AM  My namesake was born.

10:15AM-10:35AM  All of Baby Tommy’s vitals were checked, and we took hundreds of photos.

10:37AM  Tommy boy met his first female breast.

10:59AM  I washed my hair in the bathroom sink.

11:10AM-11:59AM  Lucy and I sat, talked to, and got to know this brand new gentleman.

12:00PM  I drove to Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank

12:01PM-6PM Lucy and Baby Tommy had a relaxing afternoon at the hospital, napping, and visiting with family.

1:15PM  I had an double espresso shot latte.

1:19PM  My colleagues at Ellen gave me an awesome reception in the control room.

1:30PM  The audience loaded in for Day 2 of the 12 Days of Giveaways.

1:40PM  I warmed ‘em up, but first looked at a picture of my boy.

2PM-3PM  We taped the show.  Russell Brand and Sting were the guests.

3:02PM  Ellen gave a really cool shout out to me, and showed a picture of Baby Tommy to the audience.

3:15PM  I had two large coffees.

4:00PM  The audience loaded in for Day 3 of the 12 Days of Giveaways.

4:30PM-5:30PM  We taped the show.  Josh Duhamel and Laura Dern were the guests.

5:32PM  Ellen gave another awesome shout out to my family, and again showed the baby photo to the crowd.

5:33PM  I ran out the door to get back to the hospital.

6:20PM  I arrived in the room and held my namesake again.

6:29PM  Lucy and I realized how incredible this past day had been.

I must say this… the true hero of this episode of 24 was my wife.  She went through a long labor, delivered a healthy baby, and was cool enough to tell me that I should go to work because I have a great gig.

Jack Bauer, you have nothing on Lucy Riles!