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  • Jeremy posted an update in the group Single Dads 6 hours, 51 minutes ago

    So I am in the middle of a divorce, just waiting on the papers to get signed. I have primary physical custody of my two children (son age 5, daughter age 2) and have them Monday through Friday every week. My soon to be ex wife stayed in our house while I took the kids and moved out. According to her she says our son asks when I am moving back in (which I’ve never heard myself). She tells him that we are no longer friends so we aren’t living together. I don’t know… it feels.. unnecessary to say we aren’t friends to him. I’ve never told him that, just that we aren’t living together anymore (short version). Thoughts? I feel like her saying that would only over complicate things and confuse him Even more. I feel like whether we are friends or not we should he should still see us working together and being a team for him.

  • Drew posted an update 1 day, 8 hours ago

    I’m looking to purchase a new gaining system. What are some of the pros and cons of the XBOXONE and PS3?

  • My son reading us a Christmas book… lol 😊😊😊

  • Jake posted an update 1 day, 3 hours ago

    These two are the reason I work long shifts! I want to give them both the world! I love my little family

  • What a difference 4 years can make. January 25th 2013 our son received a second chance at life. He was diagnosed at 6 months with SCID, the bubble boy disease. His only option was a bone marrow transplant which he received from his big sister who was 5 at the time. This kid has endured some of the worst things I have ever seen in my life, but he never gave up. He fought and he defied all odds. He had multiple surgeries and procedures, he spent weeks on a ventilator and gave is a few too close for comfort moments. He along with my amazing wife lived 10 months in the hospital while I was at home with our 2 girls. In the bone marrow world his transplant day is also known as his life day because he was given a 2nd chance at life. Every year our family sets aside January 25th as a day to focus on service to others and giving back. We would love for anyone to participate that would like to. Do something big, something small, something that helps another. We are going to use the #Graysonsdayofservice and would love if you do something good for someone, tag it and say where you are from. We want to see how much good and how far we can reach. If you want to share what you did that’s great also!!’ Thank you to everyone!!