Many parents are in desperate need of new activity ideas for their kids this summer, especially ones that don’t involve screen time. So we asked the moms and dads of our Facebook community and as usual we got so many amazing responses and ideas. Here are some brilliant screen-free summer activities for kids.

Elisse Charron: Keep a stash of cheap art/craft supplies in a bin that you can pull out when you start to feel boredom setting in. It doesn’t matter what you make, just let the little one sticker/color/use pipe cleaners/stamp etc. Stickers are an awesome past time I found. And going outside is a sanity saver. Walks are where it’s at! Also: midday bath if you run outta ideas. Always good to kill an hour.

Puncle Matt Honeyghan: Anything you do she will want to do, sometimes I can’t understand why but then I look at her and I instantly understand, I chase her round, wear tiaras, have tea parties and have conversations with her even though she just mumbles nonsense because I love her so much and making her happy is all I care about, that is why she does those things with me.

Just the fact of you asking means you put her first and I have the upmost respect for you.

Keep it simple, kids don’t want money spent on them, they want you.

Geoff Bow: Take her food shopping. My girls love shopping and learning about vegetables etc! So long as it is engaging and they find it fun/interesting its something to do.

Kim Tremblay: My favorite was shaving cream
Simply spray on floor add cars trucks animals dolls whatever. Not only will she play for a while but when playtime is over run a damp mop over the floor amd its sparkly clean!! Makes a nice air freshener too.

Amy Law: Art! Very messy art! Put huge paper on the fence, dip sponge in water color and have your toddle throw at the paper.

Paula Christian Howard: Check your local library for children’s events, go at least once a week. Fostering a love of books and reading is laying the ground work for success in school.

Kevin Crowley: I have an inexpensive R/C truck and he will chase it, screech and laugh for hours.

Terri Mac: Sing and play and be goofy it’s fun and helps build confidence.

Joe Chem: No matter what you´re doing, comment on it like you are a sports commentator. It’s fun and she learns some words!

Blake Hacker: What ever you do they’ll follow along. Plant flowers, work on the car, build a bird house. They don’t care as long as they’re with you or think they’re helping.

Got a great activity for a young child that doesn’t involve screen time? Share it with the moms and dad on our Facebook page!

*Flickr photo by Personal Creations, used under Creative Commons license.