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30 Dads, 30 Days – Gus Lloyd – Seize The Day

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As we continue to march towards Father’s Day, we here at Life of Dad continue to feature great dads every day.  Today we spotlight Gus Lloyd.  We were introduced to Gus in March in a Life of Dad column, with his reflection on St. Joseph.

A father of four (Emily-30, Carly-24, Patrick-18 and John-17), Gus’ blogs, “:60 Reflections,” and speeches are popular around the country.  They vary in topics ranging from spirituality to apologetics to being a Catholic in today’s world to (most recently) being “Better Husbands, Better Fathers, Better Christians.”

Now let’s meet Gus…in his own words:

A husband and father of four, I’m the host of “Seize the Day”, a daily morning talk show on The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

My first memory as a father is…  Actually, my first memory as a father was when I learned my wife was pregnant. I realized that I was now responsible for the well being of another human being. Heady stuff…

What’s in your man cave?  My man cave is actually my studio/office. So I have my broadcasting equipment, computer, TV, lots of books and a futon.

My wife is my hero because…she is the most loving person I have ever met. She gives and gives of herself, and has no “off” button.

How many hours of sleep do you get each night?  5-7, some nights much fewer, never more than that

If you your wife could vacation without your kids, where would you go?  We love the beauty of nature, so we would probably do a couple of weeks in Alaska.

How are you like your own dad?  I can’t count the ways. My temperament is just like my dad. Also, my dad was a very early riser. I’ve been that way ever since I was little.

My most traumatic parenting experience was when… when our oldest daughter was 2 ½ years old, she had a near-drowning experience. I had to fish her off the bottom of a swimming pool and give her CPR. Thank God she survived, and is now pregnant with our first grandchild!

What sports team must your kids like?  The Ohio State Buckeyes

Make sure you head over and check out Gus’ website, www.guslloyd.com, where you can find his reflections, blog posts and other fantastic material.  Also, be sure to follow Gus on Twitter.

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