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The Beer Guy Celebrates the 4th of July, Discusses BIF Update

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The Beer Guy

The Beer Guy

Occupation: Beer Taster & Reviewer
Web: http://thebeerguy.lifeofdad.com
Twitter: @TheBeerGuyLOD
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Greetings Life of Dad community!

Well, 4th of July is tomorrow and The Beer Guy can’t wait to take the day off, enjoy some beer and have some all-American food.  On that note, I wanted to share some other useful information and ideas, courtesy of Beerjobber and Weekly Pint.

Beerjobber is the first craft beer market that delivers beer fresh from the brewery.  Most of the partner breweries are on the East Coast, which makes this a great site for folks like me (on the West Coast) to try out new beers I couldn’t normally find out here, even in my beer specialty store.  Descriptions and ratings accompany their offering of beers, which make it a user-friendly site for the novice craft beer drinker.

Weekly Pint is a free weekly e-mail serving everything you ever wanted to know about beer.  The site is broken up into 5 categories:

  • Craft Brewers
  • Travel
  • Bottles & Bars
  • Gadgets & Gear
  • Beer 101

I find Weekly Pint to be a valuable resource for what’s new in the brewing community, as well as for travel, gifts and other beer ideas.  It’s one of my “beer” bookmarked pages of choice.

This week, each of the two sites have presented Independence Day ideas on BBQ and beer pairings.  I highly recommend checking them out.  These don’t just apply for tomorrow, but for the rest of summer too.  It’s a can’t miss!

Beerjobber: Celebrate the 4th of July Right with BBQ and Beer

Weekly Pint: The Class of 2012, Part II: The five best new beers of the year for your next BBQ

Please remember to come back Thursday for The Beer Guy’s special 4th of July reviews.  I’m doing something different for this week, and am going to be joined by fellow Life of Dad Man Caver, Patrick Quinn.  You’ve got to check out some of his awesomely funny blog contributions to the social network for Dads.

For those following up on the Beer It Forward experiment, I think we’ve got our 8 participants.  I just need to get some final information from a few and then you’ll be hearing from me next week.  This is going to be exciting!

With that, I wish you all a very happy 4th of July!  Be safe, enjoy the fireworks as well as your time with family & friends.  Let’s also keep in mind & in our prayers those that put their lives on the line every day in defense of this great country and keep alive the memory of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, tomorrow…and always.

About The Beer Guy – A dad, husband, friend and drinker of beer. I review & blog about it all on LifeOfDad.com, the premiere social networking website for Dads.  The Beer Guy enjoys IPA’s and Pilsner’s, but will really try any kind of beer.  You may disagree on some of his opinions.  Let The Beer Guy know.  Reviews are published on Thursdays.  Blogging is done on Tuesdays.  Read more here to learn about The Beer Guy, who he is and his beer rating methodology.

The Beer Guy, and Life of Dad, promote responsible drinking.  Never drink and drive.

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