What skills do you hope your kid is born with or develops over time? We were curious what our Facebook community would say so we asked you!

We heard a lot of what we expected (kindness, common sense, bravery, wisdom) but a lot more too and that’s what we’ve highlighted below. Here are some of the best skills the moms and dads of our Life of Dad community would like their kid(s) to have:

Dave Coles: Only skill I’d like my son to be able to [have] is the skill to make the perfect tea or coffee. Everything else I’d want him to learn himself, I think that’s what makes us who we are.

Arissa Iglinski Johnson: The ability to know the difference between those things and people he should hold onto with everything he has, and those he should drop like a hot potato.

Eric Stephens: I would say the ability to work with their hands cause college isn’t for everyone.

Brandon Edwards: How to use resources around you. Life isn’t about memorizing formulas, identifying subject-verb agreement, and all that mess (it helps but i digress).

Allen Constant: When to hold em’ and when to show em’. When to walk away and when to run.

Zach Eder: To treat the janitor and the CEO with the same respect.

Kristen Baker: Patience. He’s 7 and even though we work on it all. the. time, he is incapable of waiting his turn to speak.

Jessica Dufour Champagne: The ability to see that doing things right away, rather than procrastination, is a key to life.

Adam Losey: Patience is a virtue. It’s also vitally important when dealing with trolls on the Internet, mean DMV employees and when you’re trying to get that Hemnes from Ikea put together before the love of your life blows a vein in her head trying to get you to come in and eat.

Nolan Goodall: The ability to effectively manage boredom.

Todd Higgins: Bullshit detection.

Margaret Longworth: Tact ,which is apparently something I lack.

Rosy Cheeks: No kids yet but it would be the lesson my father taught me. Never lose faith in yourself to believe in your unique potential wholeheartedly and strive to achieve it despite what any doubter will tell you.

Which skills would you like your kid to have as they grow up? Share with us on Facebook.

*Flickr photo by Steven Depolo, used under Creative Commons license.