MC Hammer said it best,

“I told you homeboy u can’t touch this
Yeah that’s how we’re livin’ and you know u can’t touch this
Look in my eyes man u can’t touch this”

We each have something or many, many somethings that we don’t want our kids to touch. From the stovetop to the dog’s, um, down-belows, we parents spend much of our lives saying “don’t touch that!” Here’s just some of what our Facebook community tries to keep their kid’s hands away from on a daily basis:

Myron Mendes: The family dog’s butthole.

Jake Kaun: Napalm, broken glass, fan blades that are on, fire, and finally, another man’s fries. You never touch another man’s fries.

Richard David: My saying is “if it’s not yours, don’t touch it.” Do the kids adhere to it? Hell no.

John Foreman: It would be shorter to list what she’s allowed to touch! Her toys and daddy’s old Xbox controller. Sometimes we let her get away with playing with the phone!

Rob Lynam: Sony Receiver. All my electronics run into it and the settings are all custom. One wrong button and sends the whole system into a tailspin. Not fun.

Justin Smith: guns, drugs, a penis. alcohol, the stove, the iron, anything with a sharp edge. He’s 10 months old so pretty much everything!

Clinton N. Downs: Outlets. And anything connected to an outlet. And the stove.
Don’t. Touch. The. Stove.

AnneMarie Greenfield: My medication, the cats because he’s allergic (they’re outdoor mousers), and shaving items since the oldest sliced his finger open on a razor. Feminine hygiene products too — I came into the bathroom to find pads stuck all over the toilet, the walls, and him!

Zen Kveseth: My TV. We even made a “box” around it. Every time she steps foot in the “box”, we just simply tell her to “get outta the box”. Been doing this since the day she could walk. And for the most part it’s been pretty effective.

Jacob Filkins: My glasses, after she brought them to me once in 2 pieces.

Skip Jenkins: His sister. I should put, “keep your hands to yourself” to music and put it on repeat. The struggle is real.

Shanna Hill: The thermostat. He was cold and instead of turning it to like 69 or 70, he turned it to 78!

Finally, this is perfect from Kevin Vaughan: This. [breaks into MC Hammer dance]

What is something you don’t let your children touch? Tell us on Facebook!

Flickr photo by Chamelienne, used under Creative Commons license.

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