Here’s where dads talk seriously about sleeping (and not sleeping) with kids in or near their beds. This is a sensitive and controversial subject but our remarkable Facebook community of real dads and moms always rise to the challenge when called upon by one of their own. So, when a Life of Dad user posed this question,

“I am curious to see other dads’ sleeping situations. Do you share a bed with your infants and toddlers? Why or why not?”

You gave hundreds of great answers. Here’s a sampling:

Pretty effective method of birth control.

Matthew Williams: We have a toddler bed next to our bed. Depending on his mood my two year old may sleep in it, or sleep with us in bed. His decision then decides where our 6 mo, daughter sleeps. Sometimes all four of us are in the same bed. It’s been the most effective way for everyone to get the most sleep so far. Also a pretty effective method of birth control.

Believe it or not you do get used to sleeping with feet and hands in your face.

Sean Gurr: We have 4 kids, 6,4,2 & 9mo. What ever gets everyone the most sleep go with it! Yeah people are gonna give you their opinion but it’s just that, whats most important for growing children and proper functioning parents is good sleep.
And believe it or not you do get used to sleeping with feet and hands in your face.

Mark Dotson: My kids shared a room up until they turned 4. I recently purchased a new home simply so they would have their own space. 3000 Sq ft and I wake up with both of them in my room.

Brandon Kerns: My wife is a forensic scientist and she has had many cases where sober, responsible people simply slept too deeply to notice they had smothered their child to death. We waited until our children were old enough to effectively fight us for their lives before allowing them to sleep with us.

Mum and dad’s bed is exactly that!

Sandsof Maynard: No never. Parent of 5 and when they were babies they were in a bassinet beside the bed once they were old enough for a crib off to their own room! Mum and dads bed is exactly that! Mum and dads personal space . Its the only time we get to cuddle without a kid between us.

Sebastian Puentes: My daughter doesn’t like to sleep alone (6-year-old with a autism spectrum diagnosis). She does, however, have a hierarchy of people who she wants to sleep with: extended family last, mom (we’re separated), and at the top, me (I’m not gonna lie, feels good to be the first choice). I don’t think it’s an issue. She has some problems with socialization; so, asking her to not be alone is actually something I like.

I like sleep and naked time with my wife

Shane Chartier: We shared our bed with our daughter until she was 3 months old. Then transitioned her to her crib. It was about a week until she got comfortable in there. She’s 2 now and loves her crib time before she falls asleep. And the why… I like sleep and naked time with my wife. Giggity!

Mom and Dad need their time too

Michael Addyman: My son slept with my wife for naps when he was under 1 year old. He is just over 2 and sleeps alone for nap and bed. I think there is some value in letting them learn to calm themselves down enough to sleep alone. Plus, I know couples who have intimacy issues because their child sleeps with them. Mom and Dad need their time too.

Which side of the bed do you lie on this co-sleeping debate? Tell us on Facebook.

*Flickr photo by Raoul Snyman, used under Creative Commons license.

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