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I’m not a political junkie by any means. I don’t broadcast my beliefs with bumper stickers, Tweets or Facebook posts. But there’s just something about presidential elections that get me pumped.

It’s such an awesome feeling to exercise my right to vote for the candidate of my choice. Usually after I cast my vote, I have a great feeling of pride as I walk to my car. I have a feeling of upholding my civic duty. A feeling like I’ve shown appreciation for all the men and women in our military who put their lives on the line for me to have such a privilege.

But this morning, I felt like I blew it. I didn’t regret the votes I cast or anything like that. I felt like I blew it because I didn’t bring my nine-year old son to be a part of the experience. His two younger brothers are only six and five, so I don’t think they would have gotten much out of it. But my nine-year old, would have totally dug it.

How cool would it have been if I let him push the button that cast my vote for President of The Unites States? That could have made an amazing impact on him. From that point forward, every time he learned about voting and the history of American politics in school, he would have had something relevant to relate to the lesson. That would have been an awesome memory for him. But now it’s just one big, fat, ugly regret for me.

So I’m curious to see what other dads think. Did I totally blow it? Are you reading this saying, “SON OF A…! I totally blew it too!” Or are you one of the smart guys who brought your kiddo with you to the polling place. If so, what did he/she think of the experience?