Kids Say The Cutest Things Incorrectly…Because They Say Normal Things Wrong and We Don’t Dare Correct Them

Inspired by my youngest daughter, age nearly-9, still calling her favorite cereal “Rice Kripspies”, we’ve asked the dads and moms of our Facebook community what’s the cutest thing their kids say wrong.

Now, we ask a lot of questions on Facebook but this might be the single greatest thread in the history of Life of Dad or of the entire internet for that matter. It’s certainly the most adorable!

Here’s what the kids of the dads and moms in the Life of Dad community cannot say correctly and while we parents might not agree with each other on certain issues, we are on the same page here: None of us are in a hurry for our kids to figure out the correct pronunciation or usage of certain words!

Ariel Isenberg: “Banama”

Mike Heenan: “Dada spilled his veer. That’s what happens when he’s had a few.”

Roberto Santiago: “Callipitters”

A Disney classic might have been radically different if Jerry Lee Fuhrer’s daughter was in charge as a toddler: she “used to say Beauty and the Beast as Beauty and the Beef when she was around two years old”

Jason Didner: “She says “holder cup” instead of cup holder. I’m starting to say it too.”

Andrew Mead:My daughter loves to say frencher fries. She’s eight.”

Sherry Mckee Gobel: “‘Lasterday’ meaning, yesterday or the other day. He’s 3. I don’t correct him because it totally makes sense. I’ll miss it when he figures it out.”

Bo Bacot’s kiddo mixes up the usage of “either” and “too”, so when Bo says to him, I love you, he responds with “I love you, either.”

Nate Riley: “I have a preschooler that doesn’t say the ‘o’ in o’clock so she’s crying because she misses mom and I assure her she’ll be picked up at two o’clock. I have her repeat it so I know she understands and she always just says “two clock” and it just sounds too o’ cute.”

Allison DiCostanzo: “Siesta My 5yo daughter says “farkles” instead of freckles.”

Remind us not to have Heather Scott’s oldest child order for us at the restaurant unless we want a plate of “hamboogers and lint fries”!

Stevie Mitchell: My youngest son always used to call Sausages “Saujees”.

Russel Kennedy:My daughter used to yell “Science!” when she wanted me to be quiet. She meant silence, but I didnt want to correct her because it was funnier that way.”

Chris Burden:My son’s accidental non-commitment to playing hide and seek. He would say “ready here I come……or not” it would leave me wondering if I should hide.”

This is just a small sampling of the cuteness in this Life of Dad Facebook thread. If you need a pick me up, go read through all of the 1000+ comments!

*Fickr photo by Nadia Hatoum, used here under Creative Commons license.