It is tempting to project our kid’s most passionate passions into fanciful career but in the back of our minds we know that our children probably won’t grow up to be firefighters, ballerinas, professional baseball players or even school teachers. Life tends to go sideways and slantways before long but it is still a fun part of parenthood to bask in the glow of our kid’s passions. Here are some of the childhood passions possessed by the kids of our Life of Dad Facebook community.

Joseph Flores: Mine is passionate about school she has to be 30 minutes early everyday, dresses herself, straight A honor roll and has perfect attendance — she’s in 6th grade now.

Adrian M Hipolito: My 3 year old adores cars. He knows the names of several parts; door, hood, trunk, grill, and other visible basics. I’d like to teach him more under the hood later on.

Cedrick Dauglas: My Skyler (3½years) is passionate about animals. She just loves them from cats, dogs, goats, to cows. She always fights to be given a chance to milk the cows with her grandfather.

Erika Nicole Montez: My 17-year-old girl is passionate about art, school and photography. She wants to be a graphic designer.

Scotty Szanto: His presidential flash cards. He knows all of the presidents, and is obsessed with arranging them by party, by birthdate, by where they were born, etc. He’s almost 4.

Mysti Weber: Whales. All kinds of whales. He is 4 years old and would rather watch Whale documentaries than cartoons. I never even knew there were so many different kinds of whales until his passion took off. He can name about 10 different types of whales and is slowly working his way to dolphins. The humpback whale has always been his favorite though.

Bryan Kedro Kedrowski: My step son (6) is crazy about hockey, can’t get enough on or off the Ice, knee jockey watching the wild and playing mites while my little girl (7 mo) loves being at the rink watching her brother play!

Paul George: My 19 year old son loves sports and is training to be a fitness instructor. My 14 year old daughter is passionate about joining the Royal Marines and is in the Cadets.

Brad Huckabay: He’s a month old right now. So, boobs.

David Woodley: Keeping me sleep deprived. All three of them are so committed to it.

Kerry Ann R. Mærøe: My 16-year-old is passionate about Dr. Who and The Beatles.

Craig Glovsey Thomas: Putting his power rangers down the toilet!

What is your kid passionate about? Share that passion with us on Facebook!

*Flickr photo by Jackie Ick, used under Creative Commons license.