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Dads Doing Good

Dads Doing Good

Follow Dads Doing Good Dads Doing Good

"Dads Doing Good" features groups of dads in the greater Los Angeles area conducting child-centered community-service projects.

Created by Life of Dad and National Fatherhood Initiative and sponsored by Honda, the "Dads Doing Good" campaign will feature five different feel-good videos of dads spreading joy to the community.

Dads Doing Good is presented by

Life of Dad                     National Fatherhood Initiative

And sponsored by


Dads Doing Good - 2014 Iris Award Nominee for "Best Video"

Iris Awards

*Life of Dad and National Fatherhood Initiative were paid by Honda for this campaign, and the Odysseys were loaned for the duration of the video shoots.

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Dads Doing Good
Occupation: Charity and Philanthropy
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