Every now and then we all need to be reminded that we are not alone when it comes to how completely bananas it is to be a dad. What better way is there to be reminded of it than by laughing along with the situations of other dads. Here are a few of my favorite stand up acts that either directly talk about being a dad, or are referencing their own fathers. Now, if you’re at work you should probably be aware that Louis CK and Chris Rock are known for using 100% family friendly language. So feel free to go ahead and crank up those speakers before you hit play.*


Jim Gaffigan: If you’re not a fan of his on Facebook or Twitter, become one immediately. His quips are insanely funny.

Bill Cosby: This is more about how his parents treated him, and it’s marvelous.

Denis Leary: I love how he embodies calmness and serenity.


Chris Rock: Where  can I get a suit like that? I have an interview coming up.


Louis CK: This one is my personal favorite.

*I seriously hope you didn’t turn up your speakers.