This is always an interesting question because a ‘great dad’ is a subjective thing so what qualities are needed to make a dad great is even more so. Still, we love to read what the moms, dads, sons and daughters think makes for a great papa and so we asked again and you delivered some terrific answers. Here’s just a taste of the qualities you believe make a great dad:

Tyler F-a: Attentiveness. Being a part of their life and not on your phone. You will lose your patience, you will laugh, you cry, get angry. They will love you and hate you. And you will be there for all of it. Put your phone down, turn off the game, come home from work on time. That is the best quality any parent can ever have.

Lee Kent: I’m certain this has already been mentioned: Presence.
That is the best quality a father can have.
To be there for his child/children. To be an active part in their life. To play with them, especially when you don’t want to

Samantha Thomas: Little different take here from a daughter who had a terrific relationship with her father – we were best friends. He always spoke lovingly of my mother who passed away too early. He was honest. He was patient / rarely frustrated. He believed in fairness and forgiveness as well as justice. He was very, very easy going. But knew when to lay down the law. He was slow to anger – I only recall him raising his voice twice at me (deservedly). I remember him smiling A LOT and showing love and kindness and little judgment upon others. Every one loved him for these qualities and more but don’t get me wrong he was no pushover. He was a veteran, bomb squad, and sharpshooter — a modest badass.

Shannan Marie: Daughters perspective: Dependability! If your daughter can depend on you no matter what than you’ve raised her with love, patience and respect.

John Stavrakis: Respect….for himself, his partner and others. Be the person you want them to be….not the person telling what they should be, but you are not.

Nathan MacDonald: Understanding of punishment. Anyone can produce a child that has no idea how the world our society works. A dad teaches how to respect the rules so they can function in the society we, as people have created.

Tamaoho Charles Llewell Christensen: To let things go. Your children will play up, break thing’s, get in trouble. Deal with the issue then let it go. No point punishing them constantly. Life is better for you both.

Brett Smith: Being a big kid at heart. You have to be able to put yourself in their shoes. It makes it easy to communicate and connect with them. Plus you have a lot of fun.

Marty Mcintyre: Knowledge. My father was a University professor and he taught me everything from science physics hunting fishing shooting driving Martial Arts how to load my own ammunition how to make Flies for fishing, he taught me language, he showed me how to understand physics and how the world works. Being highly educated is an amazing quality of a dad. The more you’re educated the better.

Michael Hallford: It only takes one thing to be a great dad, being madly crazy out of control in love with your kids. That’s it, everything else will work itself out!

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Flickr photo by Ron Guest, used under Creative Commons license.