Tiny Heart Superhero - Joshua Paul

LIFE OF DAD is excited to announce a new monthly fundraising campaign, TINY HEART SUPERHEROES!

Infantino is our first sponsor, and we thank them endlessly for helping us get this fundraiser off the ground. Click here to see Infantino’s fabulous baby products currently up for auction. This first auction expires on September 24th, so put your bid in now. If you want to make a donation directly to the charity, on behalf of our first TINY HEART SUPERHERO, Joshua Paul, click here.

Each month we will feature a different superhero child who is battling a congenital heart defect (CHD). See Joshua Paul’s video on the right hand side of this page. All of the money raised on Joshua’s behalf will go to the incredible Saving tiny Hearts Society.

After our appearance on Ellen with Baby Barbara, countless people in the CHD world reached out to us, asking us to help raise awareness for this literally heart-breaking condition. Congenital heart defects are America’s #1 birth defect, and the money we raise will go directly to the under-funded, crucial, life-saving research of CHD’s.

TINY HEART SUPERHEROES will have corporate donors whose products will be auctioned off on EBay with all of the funds going to the Saving tiny Hearts Society.

Our TINY HEART SUPERHEROES will always find their Superhero photo and video at lifeofdad.com/charity

Thank you to Lucy Riles, Barbara Anne Riles, Brian Paul, Francie Paul, Steve Eisen, Colette Cosky, Joshua Malina, Kelsey Donahue, Jim Conzemius, Darren Prager, David Guest, Ryan Cummings, and many more for helping make this idea of a fundraiser become a reality!