DAD2 Summit San Fran Fashion Preview

The glitz! The glamor! The manscaping!

In less than three weeks time, the dad stars of the blogosphere will gather in San Francisco to read aloud, listen intently, chat lovingly, hug tightly, and consume passionately great quantities of adult beverages. But what will these fanciful men of poetry, prose, and podcast be wearing?! That is the question on the lips of American blog readers today, now that the Super Bowl is over.

Fortunately for you, we sent our spies into posh changing rooms in Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Canada and even to remote parts of Idaho to get the scoop on the threads the modern men of the Dad 2.0 Summit will be sporting in San Francisco later this month.


After going full kilt in Houston, The Daddy Complex’s David Vienna will be arriving at the recently renamed Park Central Hotel in a full body crocheted onesie. No word yet from our sneaky sneaker spy guy as to whether or not Mr. Calm The F Down will be rocking the (matching?) spaceship-appropriate silver kicks.

crochet adult onesie

Idaho’s best and only dad blogger, Phil Corless, will pay homage to The Big Sky Country of neighboring Montana by wearing this stunning sleeveless western frontier cowboy shirt, and looking off into the distance studiously throughout the Summit.

Clouds sleeveless Western Shirt

The Canadian Dad…and the other Canadian dad will look smashing in these matching his & his Canadian Yarn sweaters, and rumor has it that Chris Read and Mike Reynolds will dedicate their next Creative Minds podcast episode to the genius behind the existence of White Buffalo Yarn.

Canadian Yarn Sweaters

Jim Higley, the Bobbleheaded jetset-iest of all manbloggers, will soar into the Dad 2.0 Summit in this vintage dust cropper short-sleeve geometric graph-papered masterpiece.

Plane Dress Shirt

Dad 2.0 Summit Scholarship recipient, #1 Fandad, and world renown bowler Victor Aragon will drop jaws and pins in his cherry red cardigan sweater won during the 1997 Illinois state ninepin championship.

vintage bowling cardigan sweater

Internationally regarded Sneakerhead and Life of Dad’s very own podcast interview impresario Art Eddy will make his triumphant Dad 2.0 debut after coming straight from Barcelona where he’ll be interviewing FC Barcelona’s right back (and chief irritant) Dani Alves about being a dad to a pair of kids in one of the greatest cities in the world. Word on the Catalan capital’s Mediterranean streets is that Alves will gift Eddy his new, glittery gold teddy bear kicks to wear in San Francisco.

Art Eddy Dani Alves Sneakers

And speaking of glittering, Brent Almond will flutter his way straight into Dad 2.0 conference rooms AND into our hearts in this darling Tinker Bear ensemble.

Brent Almond Dad 2

Dad 2.0 co-founder Doug French will be giving his opening remarks in the beanie hat of his favorite hockey team after falling madly in love with the passion, precision and skill of the mighty Detroit Red Wings late in 2014.

Doug French Red Wings


That’s just a taste of what the dadlebrities of the Dad 2.0 Summit will be wearing in 2015. Now the real question is, what will YOU be wearing in San Francisco in 3 weeks time? Post links and/or photos below!