The clock is ticking, grown-ups. As of publishing, you’ve got only five days left to help the big Ho-Ho fulfill your child’s great wish. But what are children asking Santa for this year? We asked the moms and dads of our Facebook community what their kids really want for Christmas, and the answers will surprise you! Here’s just a sample of the curious requests made from kids this year, from Medicate health insurance to dining room sets!

Carye Hillestad: “A dinosaur book and a new dinosaur toy” I asked him “what if he doesn’t bring you a dinosaur book or toy and he brings you something else?” “That’s ok if he brings something else, I’ll still play with it. I can play with my old dinosaurs too!”

Marisa Myhre: I have a friend whose 4-year-old child is very influenced by any TV ad. He announced the other day he wants the Medicare Part B health insurance.

Anna Vasquez Candelaria: My almost 3 year old son wants a race car and poop. Gotta love boys.

Mike Adams: 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro with the 6 speed manual transmission. Trust me. It’s for him, I just need to test drive it for 15 years.

Mohekia Howard: It started with Moana stuff, then after I spent $250 on presents she changed her mind to remote control car and a zoomer cat…
I hate Christmas ads.

Michael-Marybeth Holbrook: We have 4. 11 year old wants an iPhone. 9 year old wants an iPad mini. 4 year old wants a boy baby doll “with peanuts and balls”, and 2 year old wants ABC puzzles.

Jamie Samaniego: my son at 4 y/o. “FIRST ORDER STORM TROOPER NERF BLASTER” in a very clear and loud voice – and he can’t say “Koala” properly = Koala = Ko-la-la.

Chris Lassen: Disney Magic Clip Princess dolls…which have been f***ing discontinued, and if you can find them online, they’re $50+ for a set of 2-4 of these little plastic dolls.

What kids really want for Christmas this year 1.JPG

Leanne Cahalane: My four year old is focussed on shopkins at the moment lol. As far as im aware she has never played with them before, but really needs them this year.

Ashlee Rae Jaimez: Jurassic World Lego Set for the 6 year old. Terra Climber for the 8 year old, and whatever wrapped box my 2 year old can open.

Hector Cordon Corzo: She want a sister. [Gulp, although that gift might be more fun to get than standing in line at Toys-r-Us on Christmas Eve!]

Ricky Alvarado: Thomas & friends high jump bridge. He’s 23. Jk he’s 4.

Sean Meehan: My daughter asked me for a dining room last night… a dining room!?

Jessica Dahmen: I asked my newly three year old son what he wanted for Christmas and he yelled HALLOWEEN!

Brian Archambault: My son wants Lego Dimensions. Santa already got me….I mean, him the A-Team fun pack featuring BA Baracus.

Tapia Stiller Parker: Son wants snow (ummm…we live in Louisiana) daughter wants Monster High dolls. [here’s your answer to the SNOW problem, Tapia! This still is amazing and feels exactly like snow]

Finally, the most frustrating in-demand toy of the 2016 Christmas season, with the appropriate adjective from Stephen Mac Neil: A damn Hatchimal.

What does your kid really want for Christmas this year? Tell us on Facebook!

*Photos by Jeff Bogle of Out With The Kids

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