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Life of Dad Community Rules:

  • Be Kind
  • Don’t promote yourself

If you are unkind, or you start promoting yourself and your business / blog, the admins will start deleting your posts. Three strikes and you’re out permanently.

Inappropriate Pictures or Videos

Many members of Life of Dad visit the group while at work, or when their family is around. We need to keep the images and videos that we see safe for the passerby boss or child. If an image you post is reported to the admins as not being workplace appropriate, the admins will review the image and possibly remove it. If your image is removed you will be contacted by the admins to explain why.

Fights, Conflict, Anger, Etc.

People get upset. People argue. We're all adults. Please try to treat each other with kindness and respect, even when disagreeing. We are an diverse group, with a wide array of opinions on different topics. Please disagree agreeably whenever possible.

Reporting or Blocking a User

If you have an issue with a user, you can simply block them. Click on their profile picture, and click “Block User” once you’re on their profile page.

If you want to report a situation with another user, or an inappropriate post, please email community@lifeofdad.com

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