When The Game of Life came out it was very popular. For those who never played, it is a game that simulates a person’s travels through his or her life, from college to retirement, with jobs, marriage, and possible children along the way. I played that board game many times in my life. While I had fun playing it I thought that it was a potential glimpse into what I might look forward to as I got older.

Now that I am a bit older from the last time that I had played that game I thought it would be nice to have some games for soon to be parents. These games below can help them get ready for what lies ahead as they enter the fun and crazy life of being a parent.

Babble Game

  1. Babble

“Goo-goo” and “ga-ga” are some of the cute coos your little bundle of joy will be saying to you as a newborn. The communication besides crying for food or a diaper change might be a bit confusing. So now with Babble you can practice with words that your son or daughter might say in the first few years of their lives. Please note each child is different. So what “baba” might mean for one child is totally different for the next. The game looks to open up your mind to the many possibilities each coo might potentially mean!

Can I Make it copy

  1. Can I Make It?

Time is money! We all know is, but alone time while your kids are at school is gold plated. Your errands seems so easy when it is just you. Yet the one thing that always is your opponent is time. As soon you drop off the kids to school or on a playdate that clock starts ticking. Can you make it to the vet, dry cleaners, and grocery store in that time? You will thing yourself, ‘Can I make it?’ Play the game and see how good you will be as a parent with time management. Don’t forget to pick up the snack platter for your child’s birthday party at school!


  1. Chutes and Crabbers

This game looks to help you with the skills of teaching your kids the ups and downs of life. There will be good days and there will be bad days. If you land on a chute, well your day is going well. You will breeze through that day as if you were flying down the slide during recess. If you land on a crabber you will have to pick up a crab card. The crab card has a problem you need to help your child through for that day. If the people you are playing with think that your solution will work you get to go again. If not you lose a turn and try another idea on how you will comfort your child.


  1. Cooperation

Ah yes, cooperation, such a fantastic word. In a perfect world your children would cooperate all the time. We all know we don’t live in that type of world. Kids will fight over who uses the red crayon and who gets to open the car door. There is always some issue that kids look to bicker about. So when your children are constantly at each other’s throats this game will come in handy. Which is the best method for you? Play the game and find out what can make you a winner both in the game and in life.

Diaper dash v1

  1. Diaper Dash

When you become a parent one of the things that you need to know how to do is change diapers. You buy the changing table, diapers, and wipes to make sure you are all set. That is all well and good, but there is a catch. You will find that you might not always have the perfect conditions to change your child’s diaper. Night vision goggles would come in handy during the nighttime diaper changes, yet who has the money for those? What happens when you don’t have a changing table or wipes? This is where Diaper Dash comes into play. There are timed diaper challenges, blindfolded challenges, and many more to make you a master at changing your kid’s diapers.

Dinner NEW

  1. What is for Dinner?

“My child eats anything I make him.”

For those parents who that sentence applies to good for you. For the rest of us we cringe when dinnertime comes around. Your children enter the kitchen with their noses high in the air sniffing to find out what is for dinner. Even before trying the meal out they will ask to eat something else. How fair is that? With “What is for Dinner?” you will be able to master the art making many meals that will be kid friendly and parent approved.

Dont Get the Lice

  1. Don’t Get The Lice?

We tell our kids to keep their hands to themselves. Do they listen? Nope. They come home from school with the flu or even worse things like ringworm and lice. Want a learn how to keep your child from itching his head? Play “Don’t get the lice” and you are on your way to making sure your kiddos don’t come home with bugs.