Family game night is usually intended for time set aside to create a stronger bond with your kids. Depending on what game you choose could determine what kind of night you will have.

Some families are too competitive so games like Monopoly, Sorry or Battleship are not allowed. If you don’t believe me just go on social media and search family game night. You might see some photos of game boards flipped over and money and tokens scattered everywhere. So to the parents whose kids are too young to play those types of games be aware of which game you guys choose once they get older!

For Fran DiMarz and his boys family game night has started to become a bit contentious. Fran does not believe in letting his kids win. They need to earn it. The game of choice was Connect 4. He would never let them win. He dominates family game night and looks to prove a point to his kids.

“I always think about Ric Flair when I am looking to teach my kids about competition. Flair once said, ‘If you want to be the man, you have to beat the man.’ I live by that mantra everyday. I want my kids to live by that creed too.” Fran tells Life of Dad.

Dad Challenges His Kids

One day, Fran’s oldest son, Rylan questioned his dad’s tactics. He asked his dad why he always wins and if he is cheating.

Frans told his son that it helps when you’ve got 30 years experience on your opponent. Rylan become frustrated when he just saw his dad pull the same move on his younger brother, Miles and took great joy in his brother’s loss only to lose 15 seconds later the same way Miles lost.

After each game Fran puts another notch on the chalkboard. Currently he is up at 635 consecutive wins of Connect 4. Still you have to give some respect to his kids. They never shy away from the challenge of bringing down the Goliath of game night.


Going for a world record.

A Record That Is World-Renowned?

Because of Fran’s competitive spirit he started to some research to see what the world record was in consecutive wins for Connect 4. He couldn’t find any record that came close to his game night domination.

Not only has Fran emailed Guinness Book of World Records for the past few weeks, he has called them every few days to see if his record can go into the books. Fran has even written a letter that he hopes could be included into his page in the record book.

“If I get into the Guinness Book of World Records it will be fantastic for many reasons. One I will have my name in that historic book. Two and more importantly my kids will see all of the hard work I put into winning family game night finally be rewarded.”

We appreciate Fran’s conviction and wonder if we will see his Connect 4 winning streak get into the Guinness Book of World Records. Only time will tell.

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