Tommy Hamilton had enough. The once neat and organized family junk drawer in the kitchen now looks like what happens when a tornado meets an earthquake. The drawer that was meant for ONLY pens, pencils, wallets, appliance manuals and cord chargers now looks like a garbage heap.

Who Is To Blame?

“This is my fault. I let this happen. I became too lenient with what my family was putting in there. If only I had nipped this in the bud in the beginning I would not have to go to such great lengths to bring back order to that junk drawer.” said Tommy.

Tommy’s blood would boil whenever he needed to charge his phone. He knew he would be entering the lion’s den as he looked for a cord charger. What pushed him over the edge? Well he told us here at Life of Dad.

“A few weeks back when I needed a pen to start writing out Christmas cards I got an unexpected surprise. I went to get a pen and instead of finding said pen I got a handful of some glittery slime that was oozing from one of the plastic tubs my kids must have put in there. That was the point of no return. I needed to fix this problem.”

Drawing Up A Plan

After telling his kids over and over again to refrain from putting “crap” in the drawer that didn’t belong he needed to do something else. After watching one of those DIY shows he got an idea. He would make a tunnel that would lead from that drawer to the garbage can.


After a few rough sketches, Tommy started working on his junk drawer upgrade. He first took out all of the items that belonged in the drawer and safely moved them to his work bench. Next he created a trap door in that drawer. He took some aluminum flex pipe and fastened it to the trap door. He completed the project by building a hidden switch that would open up the drawer that would dump all the bad junk straight to the garbage can.

“I don’t know why it took me this long to come up with this solution. I am just glad I don’t have to contend with stuff that doesn’t belong in that junk drawer.” Hamilton said.

Bye, Bye Junk

Tommy didn’t have to wait too long until his kids noticed that their stuff went missing.

“My daughter first came up to me and asked if I knew what happened to her slime. Next my son wanted to know where his Pokemon cards were at? After I asked with a smile if they checked their rooms to where those items should be stored the knew something was up.” Tommy told us.

Tommy goes on to say, “I told them that if they put it in the junk drawer it might get lost in the mix. After realizing that their precious items might get tossed in not put in their proper place they started to leave my junk drawer alone! Chalk one up for the dads!”

So what do you think of Tommy’s plan? Would you follow his lead? Let us know.

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