Today dads are now being seen as a capable parent. Gone are the days of the goofy dad that doesn’t know how to take care of their child. At Life of Dad we glad to see that trend go away. From time to time we still hear about some instances where dads don’t get a fair treatment. One dad shares his story with us. 

A Mom Lashes Out At A Dad

Still there are some people that feel that moms should get top billing over dads. One dad had a woman yell at him in a parking lot. Luke B. parked his car in a spot that was reserved for a parent and child. His son is three years old and needs help in and out of the car.

Luke B. shared his story with us here at Life of Dad. This is what happened.

I was out with my son for the day last Saturday, we were going into our local shopping centre/mall to pick up something and I was trying to find a space. I got lucky and someone pulled out of the parent & child space next to the door so I pulled in. I got out and walked around to help my son out. He is nearly 3 and still needs to be strapped in and needs to be helped.

As I was getting him out the woman who came in behind pulled up and started shouting at me. She told me that I can’t park her. I initially double checked to make sure it wasn’t disabled. She spouted at me extremely aggressively. “It’s a mother and child spot, MOTHER and child.” I actually couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was shocked and also embarrassed because people were looking.

At this point my anger took over and I am not proud for raising my voice in front on my son (I didn’t quite shout but I was loud) and I told this extremely rude woman that it is parent & child (spot) and that her attitude is disgusting and people like her is what is wrong with the world. This is a familiar story I come across when I have my son. I have been a single dad the whole way, I stood up and always did everything myself with no experience and didn’t ask for help so I would learn, I am very proud of this and it makes me feel about an inch tall when these type of things happen.

Keep Up The Great Work

We here at Life of Dad are very proud of Luke and what he is doing to raise his son. We appreciate him sharing this story because we want other dads out there to know that things like this still happen. Don’t let it stop you from being an awesome dad!

To Luke and all the other fantastic dads out there keep on raising your children the best way you can!

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