When I was growing up I remember walking gleefully to school on the last day and dreaming about my summer vacation. I also can recall lugging in a few end of the year presents to my teacher.

My parents stuffed my backpack with the traditional “World’s Greatest Teacher” pen or coffee mug, some candy, some flowers and a gift certificate to a local restaurant. I may or may not have given up my apple from my lunch bag. Not sure if I was being nice or that I just didn’t want to eat it for lunch.

Now I come to find out some of today’s parents are going above and beyond with their gifts to their kid’s teachers.

Gifts these days….

Well, times sure have changed. One parent thought outside of the box with his son’s end of year gift for his teacher. For Drew Guest he knows that his son, Dan stressed out his 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Hamilton all throughout the year. Drew loves his son, but knows at times that Dan can be a real handful.

Dan loved being the class clown. It was a catch-22 for Drew since Dan’s grades were great, but the progress reports and report cards would have notes stating that Dan would interrupt the class at times trying to make everyone laugh. Mrs. Hamilton would ask for his parents help and tell him not to act up in class.

One day Dan brought in his older sister’s cell phone and used a soundboard app to make his classmates giggle. 

Drew would notice the stress lines on Mrs. Hamilton’s face get more defined the further they got into the school year during each parent teacher conference. He felt that those lines were caused mostly from Dan. Drew wanted to make it right and thought about a buying her some wine, but didn’t know if Mrs. Hamilton liked to drink vino.

“Since I didn’t know if she enjoyed wine or wasn’t sure it was right for my son to bring in alcohol into school I felt that Botox certificates were the way to go.” Drew tell us here at Life of Dad.

It was the last day of school. Kids were gearing up for the school picnic and fun activities that day. Dan brought in his gift bag with a few chocolates and candy along with a gift card for two Botox sessions with a note that stated the following message….

Dear Mrs. Hamilton,

Thank you for a great year. I am sorry I was a handful and stressed you out this year. Please enjoy the candy and Botox certificates.

-Dan Guest

Mrs. Hamilton’s reaction….

When Dan came home from school his dad wanted to know what his teacher thought of the gift. Dan told his dad that she must of liked the gift because when she got to his present her mouth dropped open and said, ‘Oh my!’ Then she looked into a mirror and went out of the classroom really fast.

“She must have wanted to tell her friends about the awesome gift.” Dan told his dad.

Drew didn’t think that was the case and knew he would probably get an email soon. 

A few weeks went by and Drew never got an email from Mrs. Hamilton, but he did get one from the school.

The email was sent to all the parents stating what are acceptable gifts and what are not acceptable.  On the non-acceptable side in big, bold letters was the words, Botox Gift Cards.


An acceptable teacher gift.

I might have made an error in judgement, but I thought it was a good gift since my little Daniel caused her a lot of stress this year. Next year I will stick to coffee mugs and candy!” Drew said.

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