Kenny and Maddy were enjoying a normal summer day. They were helping their parents get a few things ready for the beach. Their dad, Brent asked them to get the sunscreen from his bathroom. As they were looking through the cabinet and drawers in their parent’s bathroom they came across something that freaked them out.

An Unwanted Discovery 

There was a blood curdling scream that made Brent run upstairs to check on his kids.

“Are you guys okay?” Brent asked his kids.

He noticed that his kids were looking at one of the drawers in the bathroom and wondered what freaked them out.

“Dad, why are there teeth in your bathroom? Are these our teeth?” Kenny asked him.

Brent took a deep breath and thought about the best way to answer his son’s question.

“I didn’t know what to say.” Brent tells us here at Life of Dad. “My kids are still at the age where they believe in the tooth fairy. I didn’t want to tell them the truth just yet.”

Brent sat down besides the bewildered kids and started to tell them the story behind the teeth.


Tooth collector

The Tooth of the Matter

Brent knew that this was the moment of truth. He was at a crossroads. He could tell them the truth about the tooth fairy or make up something that would work at that moment.

“My biggest fear if I told them the truth that there was no tooth fairy they would start asking whether or not Santa or the Easter Bunny were real. I wanted to have them still have that innocence of childhood so I made up a story.”

Brent told his kids a story that was a mixture of truth and fairytale. He told them that he and their mother asked the tooth fairy to give them their kids teeth because it was a tradition that Brent’s family have done for ages.

Brent explained to his children that his parents, grandparents and great grandparents saved their children’s teeth. It was a custom that was part of his heritage. He never asked his parents why they kept his teeth when he was his kid’s age, but it was just something that he was used to. So now that he has kids Brent kept the tradition going.

“My kids bought my story!” exclaimed Brent. “To be honest it is a weird tradition. I might have to ask my parents why they did it. My wife never understood the tradition. After the kids went to bed that night we threw out all the teeth. One less thing we have to worry about now!”

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