• Ben posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Hey guys, I’m new to this site so it would be great to b able to meet new people. So this is me and my partners two children. Although I’m not biologically the father, I am proud to be able to be the male role model that they need. Her little lad is autistic with ADHD and Tourette’s so most days can be challenging. But I wouldn’t change a single second and I’m so lucky that they look up to me like a dad.

    • @benylin92 welcome to the app. I just redownladed it myself. Hope all is well ✌🏼

    • @benylin92 yeah I joined a while back but forgot all about it. Yeah all is well here thank you, hope you’re all good yourself ✌🏻

    • @benylin92 Hi, Dear.

      My name is Mayra Rodriguez (Sgt), a female US Army working under the peacekeeping force in Syria presently. I pick interest on you from this platform and will like to establish a mutual contact with you for a purpose and your response will be highly appreciated. Please! get back to me via my mailbox at


      so I can explain to you more on my intention of contacting you and with my photos.


      Sgt. Mayra Rodriguez.

      Contact me through email…

    • @benylin92 welcome Ben. Sounds like you have your hands full but your priorities in line. takes more than DNA to be a dad