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    when you all where born, something changed inside of me. Something shifted it was slow but it happened. Suddenly the world was not about me, or about what I wanted. It changed into a world of what you guys needed. At first it was a bit painful, because living for yourself is ez, living for others is one of the hardest things you can do. But when you make a choice to live for others, and not yourself something happens something changes. Living for you guys is the secret to my happiness. When you live for others and not yourself you arrive at a moment of happiness, gratitude and contentment. Contentment guys is the ultimate price, it’s a price that you can win but also misplace it, then you’d have to go and find it again. It is in that pursuit of contentment that you find adventure and love.
    There is so man thing that I need to teach yall, how to tie a tie and mow the lawn, how to drive a stick and change a tire. What I want to teach you guys is the secrets to being a better person, things you only learn from experience. Just know that happiness is a choice, happiness is not found stuff, follow your hearts and not the money. Money is nice thing to have ,but it won’t make you happy. Learn to work hard, your grandfather Rogelio Nunez is a hard worker. He thought me that hard work will win over any diploma or certificate.
    Logan you are the safe one, I advice you to take risk, be adventurous and travel.
    Tyler you my son, I advise you to learn how to ride things in two wheels, learn get back up when you fall. Your uncle Danny Miller tought Me to fall on a motorcycle and get back up. The smell of oil and metal Tyler is good for your soul.
    Melanie my youngest daughter, I advise you to learn to work with your hands, learn how things work internally. This will teach you to never depend on a man. But most importantly learn to fight for what you want, to fight for those who cant. And never stop asking why, because if you can answer (why) then you win. Also make people laugh, be weird be wild. Dont let people tell you to step in line, Hong Huynh tought me that. Melanie do what’s on your to do list Not anyone’s else’s. Melanie I want you to learn what it means to be beautiful inside and out. Dont let anyone tell you how you should act or who you should be just because your a girl. Be confident and be strong. When you fall in love and he breaks your heart, just remember I had my heart broken many times before I met your mom.
    Logan ,Tyler and melanie do what your mom says, shes is much smarter and wiser then I will ever be. And to each of you, I advise you to go down different paths no matter what that path is believe in something bigger then yourself. Life will try and drag you guys down but if you have something to believe in it will lead you to a full life. Most importantly believe in family, believe in friends. Just remember in our family there will always be second chances, and unconditional love. Through our tour lifes, you will mess up and I will always be there to help you clean it up. Just like my dad was there for me. Guys our relationship wont always be perfect we wont always agree just know that I love you and I wont ever let you walk alone

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    • @roger-nunez Good stuff man. I hope you printed that out or have some other way of keeping it. Well said