The Life of Dad After Show – Episode 138 – Christopher Veal – Daditude Coach

Art Eddy and Ryan Hamilton bring on Christopher Veal from They talk about Christopher‘s life as a dad, the work he does in helping parents out, and the Daditude movement.

Christopher cares about fatherhood and how we can impact our children and our children’s children. The Daditude movement was created from a deeply held, personal belief that there is nothing that can positively impact our world more than great parenting.

Even before his daughter was born, he knew he wanted to impact her development and truly partner with his wife to give their daughter all the tools to lead a strong, stable, and beautiful life. He also wanted the gift of spending valuable time with her, getting to know her and allowing her the chance to truly know her father. Having served nine years as an active duty Marine, he wasn’t necessarily connected to his vulnerability — but he knew to create this relationship with his family, he would have to man up and get in touch with his vulnerable side — and he couldn’t be more grateful that he did. It has allowed him the chance to form a bond with his daughter that has created a powerful connection between them and has showed her that a man doesn’t always have to be about machismo and bravado.

Christopher is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, has an MBA and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, and 25 years of experience in the military, public, and private sectors. He also volunteers his time as a coach and facilitator for Boot Camp for New Dads — a program created to help men prepare for the adventure of fatherhood. Since becoming a father, he has learned that his gift as a speaker and a coach is best used to help other dads, around the world, become the best fathers they can be by discovering, claiming, and expanding their own unique Daditude.

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