These Truthful Toy Descriptions Are Everything – Life of Dad

As parents we loathe those moments we experience in the toy department with our kids. It seems like time stands still as your children beg and plead on why they need this or that toy.

Some kids have their elevator pitch down to a science. I hear kids tell their parents the educational benefits of that toy. You will also hear the “if you get me this toy I won’t bother you for anything ever” line. Sure like that will happen. To be fair though I might have used that line on my parents when I was a kid.

If Only Toy Manufactures Got Real

What if there was some straight talk from toy companies to parents? How amazing would that be? If that was the case we would know how long that toy we paid $15.99 for will keep our kids entertained.

Of course this is just cloud talk and would never really happen. But maybe…just maybe if toy companies put some truth on these toy boxes and see how parents would appreciate the honesty we might see this dream become a reality.

If that did happen I have a few mockup designs on what those toy boxes would look like.


Who wants some slime?

Sad Slime

Slime is all the rage right now. There is prepackaged slime, DIY slime and slime endorsed by celebrities. I would say that 9 times out of 10 the slime projects don’t go as planned. Hopefully this slime fetish won’t have the staying power of the floss dance.


Wanna play a game of catch?

Kind of Magical

One of the simplest forms of playing with your kids was a game of catch. Now it looks like the magic catch has taking the fun out of trying to catch the ball. Even notice how those balls don’t stick the magic paddles? It seems like the old traditional form of catch is the way to go.


Got beads?

Bucket O Beads

Oh man. I think we have over 13 billion craft beads in my house. If you are a parent you know my pain. Not only did we get beads from birthday parties over the years, but friends and family members kindly “donated” their bead collection to my daughters. I got to remember to pay it forward when my daughters get a bit older.


More slipping less sliding.

Slip and Sad

I got caught up in the hype and purchased a slip n’ slide for my kids. In theory it seems like a legit thing to buy in the summer. Yet as my wife and I found out last summer the box is very misleading. The water is not coming out the sprinkler part of the slide. Water is pooling in areas other than the slide. There is not much sliding, but a lot of slipping.

Then just wait until your kids want to come into the house. They look like they dipped themselves in glue and rolled around in the yard with all the grass clinging to the them. The pool is the way to go!


Jump around!

Trampoline Truth

Once you get a trampoline you find that every kid in the neighborhood is best friends with your children. I didn’t know that there were that many kids on our block. Not only do you worry about your kid’s safety, but all the other kids safety that want to jump on the trampoline. Did I mention I built it in 90 degree weather? Yes having a trampoline is fun, but there are a lot of issues that can go along with it. Make sure you read the fine print before you make a purchase.

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