These days everyone is offering advice to new parents. Guys and gals who are expecting are still going to prenatal classes. The book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” is still very popular. Those methods of learning how to become a parent are all well and good, but they are outdated.

Let’s face it. The first year you and your spouse become parents you will have your parents helping out. Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and grandparents want to get their baby fix on. You will feel overwhelmed at all the help you get.

As soon as your child blows out his 1 year old birthday candles everyone who was vying to hold your baby leave faster than rats off a sinking ship. Now what do you do? What did those classes, books, and advice from others get you? Probably nothing.

We here at Life of Dad want to help out as your kids get older. We want to prepare you for what is in store. From toddler to teenage years we got you covered. We have created eight video games to hone your skills at raising kids.

  1. Call of Dooty: Modern Potty Training.

This game is stock full of challenges that you will face as your kid transfers from diapers to underwear. Unlock special bonus points by getting your child to go from diapers to underwear in less than one week. Get the coveted golden toilet award if you child doesn’t have any accidents while potty training.

Call of Dooty

  1. Left for Dad

This game can be played by moms and dads even if the title suggests it is just for dads. The main goal is to get all of your errands done before your kids start to whine. Just be careful not to get behind the student driver car. That is not good for anybody.

Left for dad

  1. Dress, Dress Rebellion

Ah, just wait. Once your kids start to get older the fights of what to and what not to wear to school start in your once peaceful home. You lose if the decibel level in your house raises to a certain level. Are you able to go one full week without any fights? Good luck!


  1. Mom Kart

This one is a classic. It is our number one seller. We all have had those “moments” in the grocery store where our kids start throwing tantrums because we wouldn’t purchase the triple chocolate marshmallow cereal. Can you beat the other parents from the produce department all the way to the checkout aisle? Points are scored by getting all the items on your list, kids with the fewest tantrums, and having the healthiest groceries in your cart. You think you can get first place? HERE WE GO!!!!

Mom CartFinal

  1. Mortal Kurfew

Another popular game here at Life of Dad. As Sebastian the crab has said before, “Hm. Teenagers. They think they know everything. You give them an inch, they swim all over you.” Well in this case you give them the keys to the car and they feel very independent. They also seem to lose track of time. You need to make sure that all your kids get home on time. If they do that well you done an outstanding job.

MortalKurfew Final


  1. Mom Crafts

One of our newer games that seem to be a hit by both parents and kids. The challenge is to see how many crafts you can create to destroy any boredom that could reside in your home. How many crafts can you come up with?

Mom Craft

  1. Space Invaders

The weekend. Two days where in theory you can sleep in and have a nice restful morning. Not the case when your house is full of toddlers who don’t care if it is a Monday or a Saturday. Can you kid proof your bedroom from these space invaders? If not a 5 AM wakeup call on Sunday is in your future.


  1. Super Smash Brothers

Cain and Abel are the poster children of sibling rivalry, which is the reason why they are the two main characters in our game. Can you keep Cain and Abel from fighting? Or does the fact that Cain took Abel’s action figure for the fifth straight time turn your household into an all-out MMA brawl? Let’s see if you can achieve the highest score and rank of Ultimate Peacemaker.

Super Smash brothers

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