This week on the Single Dads Show we talk about adjusting to the single dad life.

On The Show….

David and Aaron share their thoughts on adjusting to the single dad life. Emotionally, how did you adjust to first few months of being a single dad? How did things change for you socially? How did you deal with that? How has becoming a single dad changed the way you are as a parent? What are your goals as a single dad? What would you tell other dads going through the same thing?

Here are some of our viewers comments:

Benjamin James Silk Dealing with the the depression resulting from a breakdown of relationship makes it hard to focus on being the best Dad you can be.

Leon HendryMy daughters mum my fiancée died when my girl was 6 months old I have raised her alone for the last 3 years she starts school this September and is a bright happy little lady I feel that all my hard work has paid off and although the grieving never goes I can be happy again and fingers crossed will find someone to grow old with. It’s been a struggle but the bond I have with my daughter is so strong. It’s nice to hear I’m not alone lots of great dads out there doing great jobs.

Cedric Hassell My boys saved my life…. regardless to the circumstances… but they was always there and I had to stand up and keep pushing although things were weighing so heavily on my heart. Many people want to be strong. But there is no other way to be strong but fight through it all. My boys were my motivation.

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About the Show Hosts:

David Guest:

David Guest is one of the co-founders of Life of Dad. Originally from St. Louis, David has lived in Los Angeles for the last twenty years, where he enjoys music, running, baseball, and most of all, hanging out with his two amazing kids.

Aaron Lazar:

Aaron grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ and was an athlete and performer in high school. While at Duke University studying to be a doctor, he got cast as Billy Bigelow in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel. That’s when he started dreaming of a career on Broadway and beyond. Today, Aaron’s been blessed to work with some of the most talented people in the world. It is his life’s passion is to share the arts with audiences worldwide.

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