Most of us have seen Chris Hemsworth play the role of Thor in Avengers: Infinity War.  When Chris is not playing the god of thunder he can be found hanging out with his family enjoying fatherhood.

Last night Chris shared a video of him and his family having a dance party. It was very cute and you can tell was in full dad mode.

Party In The USA…..

On his Twitter account at @chrishemsworth he shows us that he enjoys dancing to Miley Cyrus. Unfortunately his dog wasn’t feeling his moves. As he was getting down with his kids their dog decided the dance party had to end.

Chris wrote the following on Twitter….

What started as a ground breaking music video ended in a savage attack by a cowardly K9. Never work with Kids or Animals. #wreckingball #wreckingdog #daddydaycare #murderonthedancefloor @mileycyrus @liamhemsworth

The video has been shared by many and even Miley Cyrus replied to Chris’ tweet with three love hearts. The funny thing is that when Chris’ brother Liam stopped dating Miley some people said that she wrote it about her break up from Liam in 2013.

Fans React To Chris’ Dad Dancing….

As you would expect people fell in love with Chris and his kids dancing together. I really like that some of his followers were adding Avengers and Marvel memes and gifs to Chris. You can see a few of their actions below.

Which Avenger Has The Best Moves….

Watching Chris dance got us thinking here at Life of Dad. Out of all the Avengers who would be the best dancer? Seeing a video of Tom Hiddleston, who plays Thor’s brother, Loki show off his moves makes us think that he would be in the running for best dancer in the Marvel Universe. Who you got? Let us know on social media and tag us with your answer.