While the great Mike Reynolds of EveryGirlDad (pictured above) is our dad tat tattoo hero because of his daughter’s drawings being permanently affixed to his body, he’s far from the only dad getting tattoos to show off his love for his kids. Here’s some of the dad tats we love from our Life of Dad Facebook community:

Brooks Johnson: My daughter’s first piece of artwork. Her name was added later when she could write it. Balloon man.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoo Brooks Johnson

Ryan Adams: I have my oldest daughter’s name in her handwriting. Her hearts too.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoos Ryan Adams

Mark Pixvil Brockbank: I have my sons name and date of birth in kryptonian, always loved superheroes and since he’s started playing with toys he does too.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoos Mark Pixvil Brockbank

Thomas Billingsley: I got this for my autistic son Lucas.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoo Thomas Billingsley

Tyler Scott Morrison: I did this one because I was a single father and I have full custody of my oldest son so I took pride in what I did for my son and now for both my sons.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoos Tyle Scott Morrison

Ash Phillips: I got my daughters actual foot print and hand print(which was a battle), I couldn’t think of anything better to have on me for the rest of my life.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoos Ash Phillips

Cody Wellman: My son’s feet, and his older sister’s set on my chest so they can go with me wherever I go.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoos Cody Wellman

Ramiro Sanchez: The love a father has for his daughter is beyond comprehensive, I have a portrait with her name and a rose on my arm. Also gets me through a lot of though moments when my daughter is not by me.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoos Ramiro Sanchez

Frank Bustamante: This is apiece I had done for my 3 kids. One is my step daughter but I love them all the same. Still need to and color and shading but each skull represents them. My oldest loves Batman, my son a basketball player, and the baby a bow.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoos Frank Bustamante

Stuart Roy: I got this for my daughter, the Scotland flag as we are Scottish and the four leaf clover because she was born on St. Patrick’s Day.

Life of Dad Dad Tattoos Stuart Roy

Pj Reynolds: Ambiagram..it’s my daughter name (Holly Rose) and if you read it upside down it reads my sons name (Jaxen Paul).

Life of Dad Tattoos PJ Reynolds

And finally, our pick for the best dad tat is on the left arm of Josh Mccloud: Old time grandfather clock made to look like it’s underneath my skin. Hands of the clock point to the time she was born, it has her name there, and “since” her birthday.

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Life of Dad Tattoos Josh Mccloud

Do you have a tattoo that honors your child or shows off their artwork? Share it with us on the Life of Dad Facebook page.