At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, there are a million different moments that converge together to make us the brothers, sons, husbands, fathers and men we are today. Those moments are unpredictable and often completely out of our control. It’s finding the beauty in the chaos that’s the most rewarding.

This Father’s Day, we need to remind one another and ourselves how important the role is that we play as dads. Sometimes it’s far too easy to downplay the influence we have over those around us, especially our children. They look up to us as an example; an example of how to walk, talk, act and live. They build their attitudes and moral compasses around watching how we handle ourselves, our triumphs, and most importantly, our failures every day of their lives.

Father’s Day is a great time to reminisce, reflect and focus on the most important moments we’ve experienced. And that’s why we’ve partnered with Fracture – who make it their business to take those moments that we’ve captured and put them in a form that allows us to keep them front and center in our homes, decorating our walls with emotion. They allow us to remind ourselves each and every day how precious these times are that we have together.

Fracture Explores: Dad Life is a celebration of fatherhood. It’s a spotlight on the beauty of our journey and the adventures that we embrace. Not only are we highlighting these special times, but Fracture is helping ONE of you to create your own with a $2,500 Southwest airlines voucher and $1,500 credit at Simply click HERE to fill out the short form and then upload one of your favorite images of you and your family enjoying a spectacular moment to Instagram using the #FocusOnMoments hashtag and you’re entered to win.

Perhaps this moment is the first time you became a father, cradling your little one as they entered this world. Maybe it’s a trek through the woods to your secret fishing hole or picking strawberries together at the farm.

It could’ve been that island vacation that was so memorable or just an amazing Fourth of July staycation that turned into the best weekend ever.

And sometimes it’s the quiet moments that you didn’t even realize were being captured…

We look forward to seeing some of your moments pulled from the shelf and put on the wall for the world to see. Let us share in your joy, and in the little milestones that became great memories.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fracture and their #FocusOnMoments campaign. Be sure to click HERE and then upload your favorite fatherhood moment to Instagram using the hashtag! You can also check them out HERE, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.