The gifts for dads 2017 list is here! Well, Christmas has come and gone. As the dutiful dad, we did what we always do when our spouses/ kids asked us what we wanted. We lied to them and said “Nothing.” If it wasn’t “nothing” it was some variation of it.

“Just socks would be fine.”


“I can use a new mug.”

The point is, a lot of us want more than what we ask for, but we don’t want to burden others with thinking that they should get it for us. Sometimes a gift might be inconvenient for a family. Sure I’d love a month away to hike the Pacific Crest, but that doesn’t lend a whole ton of parenting assistance, now does it? Most of the time though, it’s a financial thing. For most of us money is already tight around the holidays and adding a $400 gaming platform isn’t super practical. So we stoically claim that we don’t want/ need anything so that those around us don’t think they need to spend to make us happy.

Well here is a short list of all of the things we “didn’t want” this season. And by the way all the Amazon links below are affiliate links, which simply means that if you click on them and choose to buy, Amazon will throw Life of Dad some loose change, which we turn into gift cards and give back to you during our Twitter parties! Thank you!

Phantom II Quadcopter.

This falls squarely into the “I have it, but now what do I do with it?” category. But damn, it would be cool to have one to film….. Reading in my hammock and…… walking to the bus stop with the kids??

Fishing Kayak

Ok, this one would definitely get used more and would give me more of a reason to have the Quadcopter. It would give ample amounts of time alone, without devoting months away like the Pacific Crest hike would. Plus, it could potentially provide dinner that my kids would invariably reject!

Red Wing Boots

This one is just straight up selfishness. I like rad shoes and these are some of the raddest. Given the budget, I’d have no problem becoming the male Imelda Marcos of central Texas. These boots which are supposed to last forever are a bit too pricey to be asking others to purchase as a gift.

reMarkable Tablet

Dang I want this thing, but there’s no way I’d put that price tag on someone else. I love working in notebooks. It’s how I do all of my thinking. It’s all paper that eventually gets transferred to digital. It’s….. Not the most seamless or efficient process. This tablet is exactly the thing I need to marry my method of paper creative with digital necessity. I need one of these. NEED I SAY!!!

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes/ The Complete The Far Side

Do I already own every book the magnificent Bill Watterson and stupendous Gary Larson produced? Yes. Do I own multiple copies of some of them? Yes. Yes I do. Does this mean that I don’t need the complete works set in a beautiful leather bound series of books?? NO IT DOES NOT!!!! These two might just have to be birthday asks.

What were your wants that you didn’t ask for? Link it in the Facebook comments and Life of Dad will make it happen for one random person.