Are there certain songs or bands that you enjoy that your kids don’t like or are embarrassed when you play them?

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Our Lunch Break hosts, Art Eddy & Jon Finkel share the songs that their kids can’t stand! From MC Hammer to LL Cool J to The Gap Band we talk about all things music.

Here is what some of our audience said. 

Jamie BarnesMissouri…I have six boys ranging from 5 to 18 years old. They all have amazing taste in music and I’m proud to say I have influenced most of it. They don’t love the metal stuff as much so I guess that is the closest I would come to annoying them. I’ll experiment!

Kelly Clark my kids and i have been watching a lot of the “Goldbergs”….its been helping them understand how awesome the 80’s was… included.

Jim IrwinNothing better than my 14 year old asking if I’ve ever heard of this band Pink Floyd?
If you have about 30 hours free I will show you what I know about Pink Floyd.
Benjamin MullenI grew up with older parents than the rest of my generation, so i feel a connection with vinyl and older music.
Hitesh Sonegra My daughter used to get embarrassed when I played Van Halen and Iron Maiden in the car but now as a teen, she actually appreciates it
Mike Andrews Jr My 16 year old daughter and I have connected by listening to Musicals. I’ve been able to introduced her to RENT and Newsies and many other musicals I grew up loving.
Shawn KingbirdWhen my son thought this guy with an eye patch on (slick rick) was rapping like Snoop dogg.. The knowledge needed to start

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