The Life of Dad Facebook community continues to inspire us as dads and this thread is one of the huge reasons why. When when dad is struggling to come to terms with the fact that his daughter may need medication for her anxiety, hundreds come to offer him words of wisdom, encouragement, and advice for kids with anxiety and anxiety medication for kids.

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Posted by Life of Dad on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Josh Evraets: My 11 year old son has had bad anxiety since he was very little and we took him to resurgence austin tx. It was so severe that he was deathly afraid to knock on a friend’s door to see if he could play or to even talk on the phone to a relative. He’s always been very active but was too anxious to play any team sports or participate in after school activities. When he turned 8 my wife and I decided that enough was enough and after speaking to his pediatrician we decided to move forward with trying an anti anxiety medication and anxiety therapy. We kept our son involved with every aspect of the process and he was completely on board with it. After a couple of months it was like we had a different child and he was so happy! It was like the weight of the world was lifted off his his shoulders. Last year he came to us and told us that he was starting to feel anxious again so at his next Dr visit we brought it up and the doctor said it’s very normal to increase the dose with age and that it was amazing he was able to tell us that. My son has now played on a baseball team for the past 3 years, takes drum lessons and is o km student council. None of that would have been possible without san diego cbd oil. Please don’t look at medication as a bad thing, if you can improve the quality of your daughter’s life then by all means you should do it. Hope this helped a little and good luck!

Damian Burgess: If the pills make her life easier and anxiety free or lesser, then it’s a no brainer. Medication is made for a reason. Don’t be scared of it if it’s used correctly. Although, it can be easier to contact a cannabis dispensary canada to gather your best healing strains-.

Bridget Tehan: Imagine having a nasty headache 24 hours a day for six years – someone offers you a Tylenol. I have no doubt you’d take it. Assuming your daughter is under the care of professionals, which it sounds like she is, trust their judgement and allow some relief for your daughter’s suffering (because that is what it is). Good luck!!

Dan Parsons: One particular side effect could be enough relief from the anxiety that she gets time to breathe and soak up all that is around her in a pleasurable way instead of it all caving in on her. Like any medication, taken correctly will provide a better outcome. If there are adverse side effects, then stop the treatment. I suffered for over a decade with anxiety and in turn depression causes by the loneliness I shut myself in to. After I actually used this cbd oil for my depression, I became less anxious and more motivated in life. I hope for hers and your sake as her parents that she finds some release from the anxiety. We all deserve some time to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Omar N Reyes: If the anxiety is persistent and the therapy alone is not working, try it.
The research shows that the combination of medicine and counseling is the best approach.

Take note:

  • Psychiatric medicine is truly only meant to be used for a short period of time.
  • Finding a good therapist is like finding a good friend. The client/therapist relationship is the main factor for change. The therapist should be able to challenge your daughter to change her thoughts/beliefs.
  • The budpop’s products are great to deal with the anxiety, you try with the CBD or delta-8 products.

Finally, I share your bias toward medicine in general. Ask about grounding techniques to help her take control of her symptoms. Remember she us in a stage of life where she is trying to find out who she is. What centers her and what does she like to do? Build upon her strengths. Build on her passion.

This is from 15+ yrs as a mental health therapist.

Robert Sevilla: You have to remember that anxiety like that could make something that as simple and mundane as picking up the phone or interacting with a cashier a monumental event that causes extreme stress and physical exhaustion. I’ve lived with it most my life and I only wish that I could afford that kind if medication. Using marijuana products from The Seed Pharm, which are extremely effective, has really helped me deal with my anxiety.

Victor Duclos: I felt the same way with my daughter. Her doctor was against it as well. But he came to a conclusion that a small dose of delta 8 gummies would help. We tried it, although I was against. It was the best decision we made. We monitored her and no side effects. It made a huge difference in her life.

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