Each and every one of us dads have at least one thing we love to do and have been doing for years. Many of us dream of our kids someday joining in the fun so we can teach them the craft and share in the hobby together. We just had to know what the dads of our Facebook community think are the best hobbies for them and their kids. Here’s a sampling of what you told us!

hobbies for dads and kids

Tara Stottlemyer: Building low-riders and cars in general, and dancing (I have a little girl and my fiance owns his own custom shop in Maryland) So far she enjoys the girliest of girl things AND turning a wrench with daddy…so win win.

Ben Addison: As a man who made my career doing falconry, I always hoped my son would follow my footsteps, however, he has no interest in the birds of prey and is completely obsessed with cars…so I have a lot of car shows to look forward to in the future.

Carlos Diaz: Obstacle course racing. I’ve gotten into it over the past few years to keep myself active. Spartan races offer kid races and hope to get my daughter involved to keep her active and out of the house!

Josh Rickard: Flying airplanes!!!
I have stopped Flying because he needs me in his life for other things at this time, but whenever a plane flies overhead, my wife always giggles because we both stop what we’re doing to watch it pass overhead.

Tom Duffield: My a professional photographer and look forward to the day my 9 month old son is old enough to come out shooting with me so I can see the world exactly as he sees it.

Stephen Goggin: I hope my son gets into building custom cars and I can get back into it with him. Then his mother can’t complain about it.

Sean Labarrere: Running, or possibly soccer. I support any sport/hobbie she is I’m, as long as it’s positive. That’s what brings happiness to me as a parent.

Brian S. Marks: Running or triathlons. I’d love to be able to run a marathon or triathlon with my kids and grandkids

Andrew Williams: I’m waiting to see what my daughter likes, i’m not aiming her towards anything, then when she decides, then i’ll join her, i won’t make her join me.

Mike Allen: What ever makes them truly happy. I’ll learn to do and love what they like. Wish my dad would have done that for me at least once.

Isaac Espinoza: Fishing. And camping . I wanna teach my daughter the joy of being outdoors. And away from technology.

Russell Mills: All the adrenaline sports I do! I want my girl surfing, dirt biking, even jumping off buildings like her dad.

Do you have a favorite hobby that you’re already enjoying with your kid or one that you hope they will love too someday. Share your story with us on Facebook!

*Flickr photo by Eli Christman, used under Creative Commons license.