Who is the best video game sidekick?

On The Show:

Art Eddy and Patrick Quinn talk about their favorite video game sidekicks. From Luigi to Tails to others we break down our favorite ones.
Here are some of the viewer’s favorite video game sidekicks.
Scott WeasnerTails from sonic 2.
Matthew Farrell It’s all about Dogmeat in Fallout, great game.
Matthew FarrellDefo yoshi to super Mario ! I mean who didn’t love coming across that green egg and hopping on for an extra bit of help 🤣
Erica Carline YOSHI! & Diddy Kong
Alex Hamilton Has to be chop in gta, Franklin doesn’t go anywhere without him in my game!

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Art Eddy 

Art Eddy is one of the co-founders here at Life of Dad. He hosts and produces all of the Life of Dad podcasts as well as hosting a few Facebook Live Shows on the Life of Dad Facebook page. He is one of the main writers on the site. Art loves Star Wars, football (49ers fan), baseball (Red Sox fan), Air Jordans and all things Geek.

Patrick Quinn

Patrick Quinn is one of the co-founders here at Life of Dad. He is one of the funniest writers here at Life of Dad. He has a weekly article called Playlist Elevated where he introduces you to bands that you might not know, but totally should.