• Was fixing the dishwasher last night and my son insisted on helping. He put his hard hat on and went to work.

  • Lately I’ve felt a little useless as a dad as my 13 month old daughter would prefer mom do pretty much everything with her instead of me. Maybe it’s just a phase but she puts up a fuss when I feed her, read to her, try to put her to bed, and I’m not even unrelaxed about it, I love everything I do to her. But when Mom does it, it works very easily. And she and I do nothing different. Maybe it’s just a phase but if like to give my wife a break as well as re-prove to my daughter that I love her and want to do everything with her. I also have no clue what I might’ve done, and my wife didn’t do anything either. Any advice?

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    So recently my daughters mother and I split due to her cheating (Even though we tried to make it work, well I did) and now I find myself trying to figure out what to cook for my daughters. She’s 1 year and 4 months old. Any ideas on what I can make her? She really isn’t a picky eater.

  • Life is just great when you hold your child and just don’t want to let go