• So i need some up lifting words i have seen my 15 mounth old son 3 times since he left the hospital on fouthers day last year and just found out by a caring person who called child pertectave services or child welfare 3 times to witch I have not been disclosed to me do to league boundaries but what got me is the my son’s family on his mouths side sad i was not in his life for mounts witch in fact I have tryed and the mouther has had no contact with me directly or indirectly since I seen her out and abut and asked her when she was going to call after 3 mounts and a week or so I’m cerntly waiting to hear back from layer so thay can get a hold of C.P.S. and get back to me befor the first step to the court press is under way on Monday thanks

  • Say Hello to Ryan, finally he is with us. At the moment 7 days old. I fell in love with the first sight of him..

  • William posted an update 2 days, 1 hour ago

    My sons excited to go to the zoo

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    Hello everyone! If you are Canadian and a dad, this is the place for you! Start by introducing yourself and letting us know what part of Canada you are from.

  • Been a single dad with primary custody almost 4 years now and for my daughters 5th birthday I got this tattoo of us. First picture we ever took together just moments after she was born on 9/27/11. When I showed her she cried and gave me the biggest hug ever 😊