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William Elliott Whitmore



Blues typically isn’t my thing. Except for the times that it totally is. Generally speaking, William Elliott Whitmore’s music is a blend of sparse Blues/ Country/ Folk Bluegrass and it’s almost all wonderful. What isn’t wonderful is merely very good. Listening to the richness of his music you almost forget that the majority of his output is simply his voice and a guitar or a banjo.

The Iowa native grew up on his father’s farm, working land while listening to punk rock and hardcore bands. Bands that he eventually would open for. His musical themes of endurance, respect and adaptability reflect a background of honest work, and the DIY industrialism he employed hone his craft. His voice has a tinge of gravel that keeps his music perfectly grounded to his workman background. I can’t wait to get out to see him in a small venue sometime soon. From what I’ve seen on YouTube, his performances have a fantastic intimacy that not many performers can pull off.

Notable Songs:

Hell Or High Water

Old Devils

Johnny Law

Don’t Need It

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