These questions are always a treat to ask because the answers are usually either 1) hilarious or 2) dads and moms showing off how much they absolutely adore their kids. This mix is exactly that, with a little domestic terrorism thrown in for good measure. Here’s what your kids are interested in right now:

Miguel Zavala: My 6-year-old son it’s into WWE figures. And knowing the old wrestlers.

Cariann Neumann: My 19-month-old daughter loves Curious George and the Grey’s Anatomy theme song.

Jennifer Kode: Waking me up as early as humanly possible in the morning.

Danielle Thomasson: Paw Patrol. God help me.

Dean Roebuck: Energetically singing and dancing to Bon Jovi songs without pants.

David Luck: Currently OBSESSED with a broom his great-grandmother bought him!

Mark Saunders: My 2 and a half year old boy is interested in all things mechanical, naming car brands, the moon, things that fly.

Nick Luton: 14 year old is into stage make up (latex gore and stuff), so talented to make it look so realistic. 6 year old is into reading. Highest level in her year at school. So proud of both of them.

Brad Spitzer: My 3 year old’s favorite thing to do right now is puzzles. Big ones too. I am blown away daily that with zero assistance she can do 48 piece Melissa and Doug puzzles.

Hailey Darlin Towery: My food.
Saying my name over and over until my brain explodes.

David Radonic: My lovely daughter is 6 and is only interested in everything I tell her not to do.
= fine don’t clean your room.
But I can do it dad!
Look dads better at picking up toys.
No dad I am! I’m the best!


Anthony Romero: My twins love destruction and chaos.

Bradley Mcmillin: Domestic terrorism.

Jazington J Jazworthy: Destruction. And candy.

And finally, hilariously, from Jared Beagley:
1. Whatever I happen to have at that particular moment in time.
2. Slowly eroding my patience and willpower to live.

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*Flickr photo by Henrique Pinto, used under Creative Commons license.