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The Problem with Free Products

Last week, I had a problem with Gmail. I would click “send” to fire off an email, and immediately be told my message could not be sent. A handy-dandy link showed up with the offer, “Click here for more information on the problem.” Clicking the link sent me to a [...]

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The Company You Keep

On Thursday, September 27, 2018, America was glued to their screens. Both Dr. Ford and Brett Cavanaugh were testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee. People watched in restaurants and bars, on their phones, and even on airplanes. That evening, I did what most people do: logged on to the modern-day [...]

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Four-Legged Adventures in my Neighborhood

I want to point out that I am neither a scientist nor a statistician. I say that because I am going to put some ideas out there, but in no way want to insist that these are conclusions. They are merely observations made by an idiot. Hopefully that disclaimer will [...]

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A Love Letter to “Toxic” Masculinity

I’ve only been in one fight in my life. I don’t remember exactly when it happened—eighth or ninth grade… maybe tenth? Somewhere in there. The fight took place during gym class; we were playing flag football. At one point, something happened. I don’t remember exactly what, but a kid named [...]

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Slightly Behind the Hollywood Curtain

When I lived in Los Angeles, I worked on the periphery of the film industry. Specifically, I was a site rep. Which is short for "Site Representation." A production agency would need an office or church or classroom for their movie, tv show, or commercial. In order to fill that [...]

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The In Between Moments

This is my favorite family photo. You can tell by looking that it wasn’t planned. The moment was genuine, and the fact it was captured made me giddy. My wife loves family photos; our walls are cluttered with pictures like a hoarder’s house is with newspapers from the 1980s. (They’ll [...]

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Being Good Doesn’t Matter. Going Viral Does.

The Just for Laughs festival is the biggest comedy gathering in the world. Comedians apply like mad to get in, because managers, agents, and talent scouts aplenty attend the showcases. Controversy plagued the event in 2018, however, because a fella named Darren Knight shit the bed performing there. Darren was [...]

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A Musical Obsession

“We went fishing, in the skies of Montana, and pulled the stars right out of the teeny-weeny sky.”  ~Frankie & Jimmy I’m not usually one for nostalgia. For the most part, nostalgia is a misremembered past; a fanciful recreation, something over-glorified in order to pretend things used to be better. [...]

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