I Work From Home And I Just Got An Assistant

  There are a lot of perks from working at home. The commute is perfect. You have a fully stocked snack bar downstairs in the kitchen. Your dress code is always business casual…..well let’s be honest the dress code is chillin’ on a Sunday. Yet there are certain things that [...]

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The Road Most Traveled

I’ll never forget the day that I bought my first really NEW car. It wasn’t long after I’d nabbed another first - that big promotion with a fancy title at work. As I signed the paperwork and the salesman handed over the keys, I felt this overwhelming sense of pride.  [...]

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Finding That Safe Escape This Summer

With May just starting, that only really leaves us with June before school is over for the year. As a parent of four young children, our kids have already begun talking about where we might travel to. With a circus our size, we’ve let go of the idea of [...]

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Don’t be THAT GUY During March Madness

DISCLOSURE:  “This post is in collaboration with Mirum but all opinions are my own.” Ahhhhh, there’s nothing quite like the month of March. Gathering together with your crew, packing into a crowded bar or someone’s living room with the biggest TV and spending hours and hours (and more hours) drinking […]

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