Believe it or not there are few illnesses or diseases that only parents can get. At Life of Dad we wanted to help you diagnose the ones that dads or moms get to make life a bit easier. Instead of scouring the web trying to find out what you came down with we catalogued them here for you. So bookmark this page for future reference.

What Ale’s You

CombiNAMEtion Syndrome

CombiNAMEtion syndrome is caused when children irritate parents to the extent where moms and dads lose focus and yell out a combination of their children’s names. Causes can stem from children not cleaning their room or misbehaving in public.

For example: One family has three kids. The kids names are Amy, Jenny and Art. When one of these kids stresses out their parents so much that when the parent yells for one of their children a combination of their names come out. When the mom is wanting to speak with Jenny and the mom is so flustered she says, “Hey Jart! Come downstairs right now! I want to talk to you.”

This causes confusion for the kids and the parents. Which child does the mother want? The mother may have to yell out the desired child’s name a few times to get the name out correctly. If this happens you are experiencing CombiNAMEtion syndrome. 

If you feel that you are coming down with CombiNAMEtion syndrome we suggest that you should get some rest or do some exercises to help relieve symptoms.


Dad with his daughter


Tweentinitus (also called tweendonitis) is an inflammation or irritation of the parent’s patience level when their child becomes a tween. When your child becomes a tween they might go from shyness to independence. They start to enter from puberty. This is when life becomes an exciting and tumultuous time of life for you and your tween.

There are many things that can cause Tweentinitus, including: your tween wanting their own phone, pushing curfew hours, wanting a new wardrobe, and the belief that having with the family is boring.

To avoid Tweentinitus, try these tips when interacting with your tween.

  • Talk slow at first. Gradually build up your pace of speech to make sure your tween hears you the first time.
  • Use an unlimited data plane for your family’s cell phone contract.
  • Stop talking to your tween if pain occurs. Do something else. Try again later when you both are ready to talk.


This illness is mostly found in new parents. When a person becomes a dad or mom for the first time there have been cases where noob parents freak out. The new mom or dad becomes super hyper and not sure what to do with the new life that they are responsible for.

Rest assured that this is a normal feeling. If hyparentension continues once a parent brings the child home from the hospital we recommend an easy solution. Call your parents. They will give you the best advice since they know you the best. Just remember to relax, breathe and enjoy this magnificent journey that you are just beginning.

For more help join the community page here at Life of Dad to talk with other dads. They are a great resource since they have experienced the same symptoms.

dad's life

Dad and son


Fathermyalgia in one of the most common conditions affecting your mind, body and soul. It is often misunderstood. Fathermyalgia is not really an illness, but a constant state of mind for a dad. As a father you want the best for your child. You will sacrifice everything for your offspring.  At times you will experience nervousness, anger, sadness, happiness, laughter, and a lot of love.

There’s no cure, but if you try to exercise, manage your stress, and be there for your child you will be able to give your son or daughter the best childhood they can imagine.

So there you have it. A few of the symptoms of parenthood. We encourage you to talk with your spouse, parents or friends here at Life of Dad if you have questions about being a parent.

Having children is a wild ride, but an unforgettable and rewarding experience. You got this!

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(Please note: This post is just for laughs. We are not doctors…..we just pretend to be doctors on our site.)