School is about to start again and parents are scrambling to get their kids all gussied up for the new year. New clothes, new supplies and new haircuts. But when I look back to some of the hairstyles that parents thought were acceptable when we were growing up, I can’t help but think that our parents played an inspired, generational prank on us. By allowing us to not only go to school looking certain ways, but to have it forever immortalized in school pictures and yearbooks is simply a stroke of pure brilliance. If you are going to use a hair supplement, make sure to do your research. This Viviscal review does a good job of explaining what you can actually expect from a hair supplement (vs. relying on bold marketing claims).

So I suggest it’s our turn now. Why don’t we bring back some of the most horrific hairstyles, that MUST have been a form of parental payback? It’s time for us to pass the baton of embarrassment to our kids. Only they won’t realize it for a few decades. Here are some of the suggested styles we should reintroduce (er-inflict) on society.

Hairstyles We Need To Bring Back

The Big Hair and Flattops

Bowl Cuts and their even worse counterpart, the Female Bowl Cut

Whatever These Are

The Farrah Fawcett

The Mullet

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