My kids have been starving themselves at school due to back-to-school nerves and a general unhappiness with the lunches I’ve been preparing. I realized that it was time to completely rethink my lunch strategy AND give my kids some more confidence at school. I came up with three different ways in hopes that at least one of them worked! 


Our 7-year and 4-year old need occasional confidence builders throughout the day just like the rest of us. Every day since they started school, I’ve managed to do one of two things – either write a loving note or draw a funny picture and slip it into their lunches. It makes me feel good to know that they’re reminded of us in the middle of the day. 

Keeping up that daily pace is tough, but doable, however there are days that I find myself running out of time to create an original masterpiece. For those busy days, there are plenty of printable notes online which are sure to give you kids that smile or boost when they need it most. A simple google search for “PRINTABLE LUNCH NOTES” will give you some great results. 


Even I can admit that the same turkey sandwich and cut up carrots can get old rather quickly.  And yes, like many others out there, I’m guilty of packing the same lunches every day.  

This year, I’ve challenged myself to up the game in my attempt to give the kids a smile during lunch time.  Make a quesadilla shaped like a shark? Boom – done it!. Salami heart sandwiches? C’mon, that’s 101. Whatever it takes, I’m committed to doing what I can to make sure my son never comes home from school with a full lunch box again.

And while we’re on the topic of lunch boxes, both my kids AND I have four new furry besties, and their names are LUNCH PETS!

Lunch Pets have given me the ability to put a smile on the kids faces every day – WITH or WITHOUT the note!  My kids love showing them off to their friends at school and are proud to say they are the first ones to have them.  They’ve become trendsetters! They should be making commission off of Lunch Pets – showcasing that they got the ultimate 2-in-1 deal: a plush friend AND a lunch box!

What will parents LOVE about Lunch Pets?  First… the functionality. They keep lunches cool with an insulated interior and they fit just as much food as a normal lunch box.  My son carries his water bottle, sandwich, and a banana with room to spare!

Another reason parents will enjoy LUNCH PETS? They’re machine washable…

My crew plays with them so much that it’s inevitable that they come home spotless. We simply toss them in with the next load and they’re as good as new. 

A final reason that these will become a parent-favorite? LUNCH PETS can snap onto anything… a backpack, bicycle, wagon or anything else you could imagine. Not only do my kids take these to school, but also to the park and road trips!

If there were any downside to the LUNCH PETS, it’s that I can’t pull them away.  I mean, I never thought there would be a moment in which my kids would sleep with their lunch boxes, but that’s exactly what they did last night. Thank you LUNCH PETS for helping make back-to-school season so much fun…AND help put a smile on their faces, just when they need it the most.

Disclosure:  This post is in collaboration with LUNCH PETS and Wicked Cool Toys.  All opinions are my own.