Jeff Attinella is this week’s guest on The Life of Dad Show.

On The Show

Jeff Attinella returns to The Life of Dad Show to talk with Art Eddy about fatherhood, his podcast and much more. Jeff is great father and shares more about his journey as a dad. He also talks with Art about the state of soccer here in the United States. Jeff answers the Life of Dad Quick Five to close out the interview.

About Jeff Attinella

Growing up, Jeff was all about sports– football, soccer, baseball, you name it. If it wasn’t sports related, he wasn’t interested. His love for sports is a passion that has shaped his entire life. He is fortunate to play soccer for a living, but it’s bigger than that. His most cherished childhood memories are centered around watching a big game; his relationship with his wife sparked by a mutual love for Penn State football, and his passion for Tampa Bay sports keeps him close to home, even though he has moved all over the country.

He owes so much of his life to sports. The idea to tell these stories came about after the birth of his daughter, Remy. Jeff wanted to create a vehicle where he could share his love of sports with her, in a way that would hopefully build a bond they would share forever. Reading together provides a way for parents and their children to share in special moments, but he wants these stories to do even more. He wants to reach the kids like himself, the ones more likely to grab a ball than a book. It is so important for a growing mind to fall in love with reading and he hopes these stories can bridge a love for sports with a newfound passion for reading.

Follow Jeff on Twitter at @Jeff_Attinella1 and go to to check out his book series.

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