Family Pets: Did you have a favorite pet when you were a kid? Do your kids have one now?

On The Show

The Lunch Break hosts, Art Eddy and Jon Finkel talk about pets when they were kids and now what pets mean to them as adults.

Here is what some of our viewers said: 

Gatiba WachiraYes dogs. I really enjoyed going hunting with my friends and pets.

Brandon Kitchens We had two English Setters growing up. BEAUTIFUL dogs. Hunter thought he was a cat always laying on top of the couch and Sadie was rambunctious and always a klutz running into everything.

Shawn Kingbird Dog person but wife and kids overruled me and now we have a Cat. His name is Milo Jenkins. Barn Cat. No collar. Outside cat to the fullest best pet ever. 

Ran Kilpatrick We had a dog named Rosie and would always get out of the yard for a day or two. Come back and she would be pregnant! She had like 4 liters of puppies the whole time we had here!

Amber Lancaster I now have a 140lb pitbull named Zeus. He spoons 😳 he thinks he is a 5lb lapdog he is the best!!!! His smile kills me ❤️

About The Lunch Break Hosts: 

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