Opening Day 2018

Every year when the MLB starts back up again I get excited to see what my favorite team the Boston Red Sox will do. It is a long season. I don’t watch every game, but I always check the box score and the highlights to see how the Sox did the night before.

Field of Dreams….

This year will always stand out for me as I was able to check a few things off my bucket list. I was able to take part in batting practice with Houston Astros World Series MVP, George Springer and former Red Sox great and World Series Champ, Kevin Millar.

As a Red Sox fan I was psyched to get the chance to interview Millar. I had interviewed him a few years ago (Click here!) and just like that time before Kevin was very gracious with his time. This was my first time interviewing George and for a World Series MVP he was very humble.

Both Millar and Springer have a passion for the game that can be seen as they talked to us about baseball and Spring Training. They were generous with their time and even signed a bat for me. In the video below you can see my take a few swings from the new style bat. They are really comfortable to hold and swing. I even impressed George and Kevin with a few of my hits.

Taking Baseball and Fatherhood with Kevin Millar…

Here is my interview with Kevin where I talk to him about baseball, Spring Training and fatherhood.