Everyone has a MILF in their lives, heck, ‘The Simpsons’ devoted an entire episode to them during their 22nd season. I’m talking about a ‘Mom I’d Like to Forget’ – where was your head at?

While Marge’s MILF trouble had to do with a handful of ‘Mommy & Me’ loyalists back in 2011, a lot of us have a different version. Perhaps it was your best friends mom while growing up – you know, the one that chain-smoked Newport 110’s until the ash was longer than her fingers?

Maybe it’s the mom that screams at her kids so loud in Wal-Mart that YOU actually slightly dampen yourself,  snap into line and start obeying her commands.

Or it could’ve been that mom that chased you around the island in the kitchen with the wooden spoon….or worse…

But these MILF’s are few and far between. Most moms are glorious, resourceful, loving human beings and THOSE are the ones that we here at Life of Dad are celebrating this weekend!

To all the moms who dance like no one is watching, party a little to hard or dirty – the rich, the flexible and even the ones that are a touch crazy or magical – WE SALUTE YOU!